Welcome to Uva Halpewatte Tea


Founder of Halpewatte Tea Exports,Mr. A. P. D. Abeyrathne, acknowledged his commitment to tea in 1971 when he acquired the Uva Greenland Tea estate, once owned by a British national. Since then, with great diligence and empathy towards a growing clientele, he has been of service to many people around the world, producing some of the freshest and finest Ceylon tea. Nearly three decades later, today he is joined by his beloved wife and three sons who all share the same passion and commitment towards producing a perfect cup of tea for the benefit of multitudes of tea fanatics around the world. Still a family business at heart, Halpewatte tea continues to lay its focus beyond mere commercial gain, with a devotion to produce the best of tea with a personal touch of care and a great detail of quality.

For over 35 years, Halpewatte Tea has been producing some of the most distinctively delicious tealeaves hailing from Ceylon. Our ardent devotion to tea has helped us emerge as the number one tea factory in Sri Lanka’s Uva region: an area renowned for its uniquely flavoursome tea. Our commitment towards ensuring the highest standards in manufacturing has won us a host of accolades for consistency in product quality. We currently export our very own, factory fresh, unblended teas manufactured with hand-picked tea buds grown in our very own well-maintained tea plantations.

Our philosophy of tea is built on the simple concept that everyone deserves to enjoy a wholesome cup of tea, made according to a trusted production process that assures highest quality of output. We are governed by a few fundamental principles that enable us to successfully deliver upon this philosophy.

Our specialty:

  • We do not store our teas in warehouses for too long thus we ensure the freshness and real taste of our teas.
  • Single Origin pure Ceylon tea: We are a vertically integrated operation, where our teas are plucked from our very own plantations (Hence able to ensure the highest standards of quality in all our products), then manufactured and sold directly without the involvement of intermediaries.
  • We do not lower the quality of tea by blending with teas obtained from other sources. Our tea is provided ‘as it is’
  • Lion logo of quality– Halpe tea is a proud bearer of the Lion logo, a symbol of quality granted by the Ceylon Tea Board, the apex body, regulating the tea industry in Sri Lanka. The Lion logo therefore, epitomizes the high level of quality of our products.
  • If our buyers wish to source tea from a particular region or a factory (Eg: Nuwara Eliya, Dimbula, etc), we are geared to source such requirements directly eliminating the involvement of intermediaries thus saving unnecessary costs and time.