Exceptional Tea Collection

  1.  Choco Mint

    Choco Mint

    Give into the allure of this playful combination that offers you a fresh taste perspective with BOP1 grade black tea infused with natural chocolate and mint flavors. Learn More
  2. Green Tea Extravaganza

    Green Tea Extravaganza

    Relish the extravagance and the natural health benefits of GP-OPA grade green tea infused with a rich combination of flower petals. Learn More
  3. The Nirwana Tea

    The Nirwana Tea

    Liberate your body, mind and soul and transcend to serenity with this precious blend of GP-OPA grade Green tea infused with natural herbs. Learn More
  4. FFEXP


    Our Signature ‘FF Extra Special’ is one of the most prestigious grades of tea in the Ceylon black tea catalogue. Learn More
  5. 4 in 1 gift pack

    4 in 1 gift pack

    English breakfast, Royal Earl Grey, Ceylon Chai, Jasmine Green Tea Learn More