Gift Items

  1. Porcelain Elephant

    Porcelain Elephant

    In this striking gift pack we have combined several of the finest Sri Lankan creations to present to you a valuable gift pack that would leave a lasting impression. Learn More
  2. Train Box - 50g

    Train Box - 50g

    FFsp Wooden Train Box. Learn More
  3. Single wooden box - Cloves

    Single wooden box - Cloves

    FFsp with Natural Cloves. Learn More
  4. Single wooden box - Cinnamon

    Single wooden box - Cinnamon

    BOPsp with Natural Cinnamon. Learn More
  5. Single wooden box - Cardamom

    Single wooden box - Cardamom

    BOPFsp with Natural Cardamom. Learn More
  6. Reed Box

    Reed Box

    Reed Box with Hand made tea bags. Learn More
  7. Train Box - 100g

    Train Box - 100g

    FFsp Wooden Train Box Learn More