Halpewatte Pyramid Tea bags pack

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Halpewatte Pyramid Tea bags pack

Weight : 40 g


Pyramid Tea Bags.


Our pyramid tea bags made out of nylon mesh contain more pores than the conventional tea bags made of paper. This allows for more water to come into contact with the tea inside, thus allowing the release of more essential oils and character in to your cup of tea. The unique triangular shape of the tea bags provide ample space for the tea leaves to move about freely inside. When hot water is poured onto the tea bag the leaves naturally move in circles inside, conducting heat and cooling off gradually. This freedom of movement makes the pyramid bag functionally similar to a large cup or a loose leaf infuser; allowing you to enjoy the superior flavour of loose leaf tea from a compact pouch that anyone can easily brew.In this special pack we have included our finest PEKOE graded Halpe tea in 20 instant tea bags of 2g each. Our signature Halpe tea comes from the lush ‘Uva Greenlands’ tea estate, owned and managed by a British national during the Colonial era of Ceylon. Today under the management of the UHE group; ‘Uva Halpewatta Tea factory’ is the largest manufacturer of tea in the ‘Uva’ region of Sri Lanka and produces fine quality Ceylon tea befitting international standards and satisfying taste buds of millions of people worldwide.

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