Wooden Tea Products

  1. Vanister box

    Vanister box

    Replica of old tea transporting pack. Learn More
  2. Train Box - 50g

    Train Box - 50g

    FFsp Wooden Train Box. Learn More
  3. Strawberry Wooden box

    Strawberry Wooden box

    Strawberry flavored black tea. Learn More
  4. Rose Wooden Box

    Rose Wooden Box

    Rose flavored black tea. Learn More
  5. Single wooden box - Cloves

    Single wooden box - Cloves

    FFsp with Natural Cloves. Learn More
  6. Single wooden box - Cinnamon

    Single wooden box - Cinnamon

    BOPsp with Natural Cinnamon. Learn More
  7. Single wooden box - Cardamom

    Single wooden box - Cardamom

    BOPFsp with Natural Cardamom. Learn More
  8. Train Box - 100g

    Train Box - 100g

    FFsp Wooden Train Box Learn More