Jasmine Tea

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Jasmine Tea

Weight : 200 g


Black tea with Jasmine.


Legend has it that Cleopatra used drops of Jasmine oil to attract Mark Anthony. Also known as ‘Mistress of the Night’, Jasmine has an intoxicating, sweet, and exotic scent. The scent of Jasmine flowers is known to have a profound spiritual effect on people. It’s a renowned anti-depressant and an aphrodisiac as well. Our blend of Jasmine infused BOP 1 graded black tea will present to you a mystical tea experience. Dried Jasmine in the pack supplement the flavour while the natural jasmine leaves give natural light hue to your brew. Best consumed as a hot beverage, Jasmine tea will soothe your body, mind and soul.The tea leaves are assured of the finest quality, as they are grown in our very own tea gardens in Uva Halpewatte, and are processed under the extreme care of industry experts. The supplementing ingredients are sourced from high quality growers of fruits and herbs and packed in an automated processing plant with minimal human contact, guaranteeing the best of hygiene.

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