Orange Tea

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Orange Tea

Weight : 200 g


Black tea with Orange.


The lively coloured orange represents strength and endurance. The spectrum of this sunny colour can warm the soul and energize moods. The healthy aura of orange doesn't stop there - thanks to the plethora of the nutrients associated with orange-coloured fruits and vegetables, consuming orange is good for your eyes, skin and the heart. We have taken the zest of this brilliantly flavoured fruit and infused in into the rich BOP1 graded black tea to present to you an unforgettable tea experience. The dried Orange peels enhance flavour while the orange flower petals will give a perfect hue to the brew. Whether you choose to have it as a steaming brew or a cold, refreshing, thirst-quencher; the flavour is sure to delight your senses.The tea leaves are assured of the finest quality, as they are grown in our very own tea gardens in Uva Halpewatte, and are processed under the extreme care of industry experts. The supplementing ingredients are sourced from high quality growers of fruits and herbs and packed in an automated processing plant with minimal human contact, guaranteeing the best of hygiene.

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