Built in 1940, during the British rule, the factory is perched 1,230 meters above sea level in the cool climes of the Uva region. Located 200 Kms from Colombo and 3 Kms from Ella, a picturesque little hamlet in the Uva region, the factory owned plantations attract many tourists who gladly pay a visit to savor a cup of delightful Halpewatte Tea while enjoying the magnificent natural beauty of the area or on their way on a hike to the Little Adam’s Peak, another major tourist attraction in the area.

Since its acquisition by Mr. A. P. D. Abeyrathne in 1971, the factory has grown into one of the largest producers of tea in Sri Lanka. In fact, in 2008 the factory was named the largest tea producer in Sri Lanka's Uva region. Within just three and a half decades, we have grown rapidly; from our humble beginning with a production capacity of 20,000 Kilograms a month, powered by 15 workers and 2 Lorries, to the current impressive turnout of 150,000 Kilograms per month with over 35 lorries collecting tea per day with a man power of over 300 workers.


Our skilled team of industry experts takes utmost care in brewing a range of high quality teas utilizing the modern state of the art machinery and manufacturing procedures. Our expert team of tea- tasters and connoisseurs work round the clock to bring you innovative blends and brews to keep improving your experience with Halpe tea each day.

The modern state of the art factory ensures maximum hygiene of your tea leaves by following automated processing across its entire chain of production which has minimum human contact.

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