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Ceylon Teas

  1. PEKOE


    The tea appears shorter and curly and not as wiry as OP. Learn More
  2. BOP Sp

    BOP Sp

    (BOP Sp) Broken Orange Pekoe Special, are slightly larger tea leaves than of BOP and is also without excessive stalk or fiber. Learn More
  3. BOP 1

    BOP 1

    (BOP 1) Broken Orange Pekoe 1 teas are golden, wiry, and generally of medium length. Learn More
  4. OP 1

    OP 1

    (OP 1) Orange Pekoe 1 teas are slightly delicate, long, wiry leaves with alight liquor. Learn More
  5. Reed Box

    Reed Box

    Reed Box with Hand made tea bags. Learn More