Pure Ceylon Loose Tea

  1. OPA


    OPA is a long, bold leaf tea with air twist. Learn More
  2. FF


    Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings (FBOPF), also known as FF, is a particle smaller than BOP and is similar to the size of BOPF but contains a fair amount of tips. Learn More
  3. FF 1

    FF 1

    Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings 1 (FBOPF1) most commonly known as FF1 is semi leafy tea, larger than BOP leaves. Learn More
  4. BOPA


    Flake leaf grade without stalk or fibre, most commonly known as ‘clear tea’. Learn More
  5. BOPF Sp

    BOPF Sp

    The leaves are larger in size than BOPF and the liquors have an attractive golden appearance. Learn More
  6. PEKOE 1

    PEKOE 1

    These teas are smaller in size but similar to PEKOE in flavor and liquoring characteristics. Learn More
  7. PEKOE


    The tea appears shorter and curly and not as wiry as OP. Learn More
  8. BOP Sp

    BOP Sp

    (BOP Sp) Broken Orange Pekoe Special, are slightly larger tea leaves than of BOP and is also without excessive stalk or fiber. Learn More
  9. BOP 1

    BOP 1

    (BOP 1) Broken Orange Pekoe 1 teas are golden, wiry, and generally of medium length. Learn More