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Uva Halpewatte Tea Factory Tour-Ella

Built in 1940, during the British rule, the factory is perched 1,230 meters above sea level in the cool climes of the Uva region, located 200 Kms from Colombo and 6 Kms from Ella, a picturesque little hamlet in the Uva province. The tea factory was acquired by Mr A.P.D Abeyrathne, Chairman of U.H.E Group, in 1970 as a small-scale factory producing only 20,000 kg per month back in the day.

In 2008 the factory was named the largest tea producer in Sri Lanka’s Uva region. Within just three and a half decades, it has grown rapidly; from humble beginning with a production capacity of 20,000 kg a month, powered by 15 workers and 2 lorries, to the current impressive turnout of 150,000 kg per month with over 40 lorries collecting tea per day with a man power of over 300 workers.

Located 1,230 meters above sea level, Uva Halpewatte Tea Factory is within a short distance from the Halpé Temple and is en-route to Badulla. We pride ourselves of being one of the best tea manufacturers in Sri Lankan and awarded for being one of the largest producers of Ceylon tea. Surrounded by lush green tea fields, the factory offers a number of activities, from trekking through lush green tea gardens, tea picking, learning tea manufacturing process to finally savouring your own cuppa to complete the tea journey.

Factory Tour | $10

- Step-by-step guide to tea manufacture
- Guided tour to a functioning tea factory which is one of the largest producers of Ceylon tea
- Tea-tasting sessions
- Modern manufacturing procedures
- Factory fresh tea shop and cafe visit
- Tour Price $10

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Plantation Tour | $10

-Tea estate visits and guided toursof tea plantation
- Step-by-step guide to tea tea plucking
- Instagram-able location for pictures
- Tea-tasting sessions
- Factory fresh tea shop and cafe
- Provided amenities
- Tour Price $10

-Scarf- Tea plucking basket

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Handmade Tea Masterclass

Tour includes
- Pluck your own tea - Plantation Tour
- Craft your signature tea blend
- Discover the world of tea manufacturing - Factory Tour
- Taste your blend and take it home
- Shop at Sky Cafe
- Tour Price $50

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