Tea is not just a drink, it is a whole religion that involves carefully followed rituals for the majority of us tea lovers out there. Hence, we gasp when people say making tea is just throwing a tea bag in a hot cup of water but it couldn’t be further from the truth. So, we at Halpé Tea, thought to shed a little light on the subject by creating a guide on “How to brew a perfect cuppa” step by step.

The first step when brewing a good cup of tea is to choose between tea bags and loose tea. The method of brewing differs according to the type of tea used. Water used for brewing plays an important role as well. It doesn’t matter whether it is from spring water or filtered water, but it should be clean water. Avoid using distilled water because it will not give the desired tea taste. Now you have everything to make your cup of tea. Let’s find out how to brew.

How to make black tea

Making tea using tea bag is super-fast. Why loose tea then? You might remember how amazing your grandmother’s tea tasted before the word tea bag even came into existence. And can you think of the frustration when you can’t even come close to match the same taste even after trying hundreds of brands and methods? One reason for this could be that no one can match the love she puts into your cuppa and the other reason being not all tea types comes in teabags such as OPA and Pekoe. So if these are your favorite types you might want to look how to brew loose tea. Try Halpé loose tea with the below recipe. A porcelain or ceramic teapot is preferred to a glass tea pot. For this, an additional strainer is required for filtering the tea.


How to make green tea

Green tea is possibly the most trending type of tea right now, making its way to at least one of everyone’s weight loss diets.  However, most drinkers stop consuming all too soon either because they don’t see desired results or because the taste is not the most pleasant. Green tea delivers desired health effects with continuous consumption however, not as fast as the artificial methods with no negative side effects.

I am sure you are busy with your work and looking for superfast ways of making things. Therefore Halpé Tea introduces different types of green tea bags. Now you are excited to know how to make the perfect green tea cup. The most important fact is, you should brew the tea 80-850c not at 1000c.

When you start to drink green tea, you influence people around you, your family and your friends to walk towards a healthier lifestyle. Imagine making tea for a whole family using tea bags, this might end up making your use serveral tea bags instead you can use loose tea which will give you the freedom of exact amount required for a cup of tea. Will it be more work? Not at all you have to use an extra strainer only. All ready? Begin your slimming journey with Halpé green tea and enjoy being healthy.

How to make iced tea

Is it summer for you and you love tea but drinking hot tea cup on a hot day makes feel uneasy? Here is the solution with Halpé tea. You can make iced tea with your favourite Halpé tea. Wondering how to make iced tea. Here is the greatest recipe from our most professionalized staff. Follow the recipe and stay fresh during the summer.

Try these recipes with different Halpé Tea products that will suit for any occasions, and we at Halpé Tea will always appreciate your reviews and customized as your desire. Visit our shop at purchase tea as you desire and follow the recipe.