Healthy Green Tea Recipes

blueberry flavored tea

Known to everybody is a super beverage, green tea helps us achieve a number of benefits. From boosting your metabolism to reducing the risk of heart disease, green tea has become a beverage that many people cannot do with out. These days tea lovers around the world have come up with numerous recipes for green tea. You can brew a simple cup of green tea and enjoy the benefits, and you can also use green tea to concoct various delicious and healthy beverages or foods.

Citrus Mint Iced Tea

There is nothing like a glass of iced tea on hot summer day, so why not jazz it up with green tea and the wonderful flavors of citrus and mint. You can toss some mint leaves, orange slices and green tea bags to a boiling pot of water to make a delicious pot of tea, you can leave to cool at room temperature and serve over ice. It is simple as that, and splendidly delicious.

Mango Calendula Ceylon Tea

When sweetened with mango and ginger, delicate teas like Ceylon Green tea make for refreshing afternoon drinks or light and fruity iced teas. You can add slices of mango and ginger along with green tea bags, to a pot with boiling water and strain after steeping for a few minutes, you can drink it hot or cold, you can add sugar after steeping if you wish to accentuate the fruity flavor.

Iced Nectarine Green Tea

This drink very easy to make and is a delight on a hot summer day. You only need green tea bags, sugar and nectarines. All you have to do is steep the green tea bags in hot water, meanwhile, make a sugar sugar and add pureed nectarines to the syrup and let it cool for a while, then add the syrup to the green tea and add ice, and all you have to do is enjoy.

Green Tea Oatmeal

Spice up your everyday oatmeal bu adding green tea to the mix. Steep a green tea bag in boiling water, then mix the tea with your favorite instant oats as you normally would prepare. This gives your regular oats a blast of antioxidants, and adds extra nutrients to your breakfast.

Green Tea Marinade

Green tea can be used as a delicious marinade for your steaks and even vegetables. All you have to is steep several green tea bags in hot water, and add a touch of honey to thicken the liquid and add salt and pepper. Smother your vegetables, meat or fish in the catechin rich marinade and cook as desired. Your food will taste better and also healthy.

Green Tea frosting

We all love a bit frosting and adding green tea to your frosting can add a bit of delightful flavor to your frosting, all you have to do is add two tablespoons of green tea powder to your light butter cream frosting and add bright color to your cakes and impart a sweet and decadent flavor to your everyday cakes.

Green Tea Smoothies

Add some pizazz to your regular smoothies by adding green tea to them, for this recipe all you need is strawberries, pineapple, and green tea. Steep green tea bags in how water and let it cool for the while, add it to the fruits and blitz it into a wonderfully delicious and healthy smoothie.

Peach Green Tea

This drink contains the goodness of peaches and green tea. All you need is green tea bags, fresh peaches and sweeteners. Steep green tea bags in boiling water, blend peaches till its pureed and add 1 or 2 cups of cooled green tea to the pureed peaches, strain the peaches and tea through a fine mesh and add sweeteners to the tea and enjoy.

These some of the innovative ways you could use green tea to create so many delicious recipes.