Tea Tourism

Why Tea Tourism?

Ever wondered the journey of a tea leaf to become the beautiful cup of aromatic tea that spreads the sunshine to our mornings?

Wonder no more, explore the tea tourism today and find answers to all your questions and get the first-hand experience of manufacturing process of tea with tea tourism.

Tea tourism is becoming a widespread topic due the extensive and forever growing number of tea lovers all around the world. This whole religion of tea comes from almost all of the main tea producing countries of the world,  among them Japan, China, Sri Lanka and Scotland play a principal role in tea tourism.

For the love of tea!

If you’re planning to visit any of these countries, don’t just walk in to a tea shop or a supermarket just to stock up the pantry, make sure to add tea factory tour or tea estate visit to your itinerary.

fresh tea plantations of sri lanka

Tea tourism in Sri Lanka

Lonely Planet announced Sri Lanka as the No 1 travel destination in 2019 for so many beautiful reasons and one of them being acres of unrolling beautiful green valleys in the Hill Country.

Surrounded by the crisp mild weather, Hill country creates a perfect setting for cultivating aromatic delicious tea. Learning about this beautiful plant has become vastly popular among the tea lovers and that’s where Halpewatte tea factory comes in. It is one of the best places to learn all about your favorite drink from plucking to tasting.

While you’re in Ella don’t forget to visit 98 Acres Resort and Spa and Ceylon tea factory restaurant

98 acres at ella

Useful info for Sri Lankan tea tourism

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Would like to know more about Ceylon tea visit: https://www.pureceylontea.com/

Tea Tourism in Japan

Tea plays an important role in the history of Japan, since arriving from China in the 9th Century tea has become one of the most trending cultures in Japan. Tea used to be a drink for a limited privileged crowd such as priests and monks originally, which later on reached every household in Japan and beyond.

If you’re visiting Japan don’t forget to experience a tea ceremony in a traditional kimono delivered by tea masters starting form as low as USD 50. Check Viator for all the tea tours available in Japan.

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