Methods Of Infusing Tea

The sole purpose of infusing tea is to let your leaves expand fully so that the rich flavor and nutrients present in tea can be infused in to water, which ultimately produces a fine cup of tea. There are many and various methods for infusing tea,there are many tea leaves that may expand up to five times its original size. Whatever the method you choose to infuse your tea, when done properly can bring out the maximum amount of flavors from your choice of tea.


Teabags are the easiest way to infuse tea, it’s convenient, cheap and are also disposable. When you buy tea bags make sure to buy the best quality tea bags which also contains the best quality tea leaves. Low quality tea bags are made with materials that do not allow the water to flow into them properly, which ultimately results in a bad tasting cup of tea. Make sure to buy loose leaf tea in pyramid-shaped bags, oversized bags, silk bags and unbleached cotton bags. These contain good quality tea and it is easy to infuse as the materials lets the water flow into the bag which results in an excellent cup of tea.

Tea balls

Tea balls are the re-usable version of tea bags. There are various types of tea balls available in stores and it is ideal for brewing loose tea leaves without a hassle. They come in various sizes, make sure to buy one that has a good clasp to keep the leaves form falling into your tea. It is ideal for individual use, just pour some hot water into your mug, fill the tea ball with loose tea leaves and let it infuse in hot water. If you choose to use a tea ball, buy one that is suitable for the amount of tea leaves you are planning on using, a small tea ball is ideal for a cup but it want be a suitable option when you want to brew a pot of tea.


Strainers are used in various ways in various countries, and there are a variety of strainers available to suit your preferences such as cup strainers and pot strainers. Cup strainers are a convenient method to brew a cup of tea in an office or any other working environment, but it is also useful domestically. Pot strainers have been in use for a long

time, there are various types of pots that include various types of strainers in them, such as glass pots that have metal basket strainers. In some countries the leaves are left to infuse in a separate pot that has hot water and are later poured into individual cups using a strainer.

Tea Pots

There are many intricate factors that goes into choosing a tea pot to brew your tea. Merely choosing a pot for its convenience or appearance in not enough. Different pots are made with different materials and has various factors that contribute into making a good cup of tea.

Glass Tea pots

Glass pots are rapidly increasing in popularity around the world. They have no impact on the flavor of tea but they do impact the brewing temperature. If they are insulated they can keep your tea hot for a longer period of time. Insulated glass pots are ideal for most types of teas, especially tea that require higher temperatures such as black tea. Non-insulated tea pots are ideal for green and white teas. These pots have a metal basket strainers.

Iron pots

Iron pots hold temperature rather well, especially If they are filled with hot water for a minute or two before the tea leaves and brewing water are added. If the iron pots do not have a finished interior, it can be seasoned over time and will develop a taste that is specific to the type of tea you brew in them. Finished iron pots do not influence the flavor of your tea and is ideal for brewing all sorts of tea.

Silver Pots

Silver pots are also spreading in popularity. Their heat retention characteristics are similar to that of iron pots, as silver is a stable neutral element it does not affect the flavor or the mineral content of your tea. They have inbuilt strainers in them or you can use tea balls, or tea bags to brew your tea.

Ceramic pots

Ceramic pots are also popular among tea lover around the world. They do not affect the flavor of your tea, if they are clay they hold heat very well and if the pot is porcelain they hold heat moderately well. You can use them with a variety of teas without any interference to the flavors. They can be used with tea bags, tea balls, basket strainers or in-built ceramic strainers.

These are some of the easy and many methods to infuse your tea, choose a method that best suits your preferences and enjoy your cup of tea.