Benefits of Tea

Benefits of Tea: Beauty, Domestic and Outdoors

‘Tea comes second only to water’, a phrase every Sri Lankan knows well. Tea is the most common beverage consumed among Sri Lankans – most cannot do without several cups a day. It is no wonder that the lusciously fragrant Ceylon Tea is famous around the world; the varieties and the flavors mysteriously capture your taste buds and make you an addict instantaneously.

While we have examined the health benefits of Ceylon teas, one must know that tea has a variety of other benefits. A cup of brewed tea can be used for homemade beauty recipes, as well as domestic and outdoor purposes. Whether it is green or black tea, you can find a convenient number of benefits to suit your purposes.

Beauty benefits of tea
Gives shine to dry hair: Brewed tea is an excellent conditioner for dry hair. Simply rinse your hair with unsweetened black or green tea after shampooing, using it as a conditioner, leave to dry for a while and rinse with water afterward. You will have shiny hair in no time. The caffeine in black tea also helps stimulate hair growth.

Soothes puffy eyes and reduces dark circles: This is a beauty secret every woman swears by, and is also a great way to use tea bags without disposing them. Simply place your cooled tea bags over each closed eye and let them rest for 10-15 minutes. Tea contains astringents known as tannin which helps to reduce puffiness, and caffeine which helps to shrink blood vessels underneath the skin thus reducing dark circles.

Helps moisturize skin: If you struggle with dry skin, then green tea is the way to go. Apply some cold green tea on your dry skin; it will give your skin a lovely glow and remove all impurities. The tea’s antiseptic properties are useful to help heal minor cuts, rashes, spots and blemishes. Tea can also help sunburns by soaking a cloth in tea and leaving it on your skin until it cools. Consumption of black tea daily can prevent pre-mature ageing and pimples.

Reduces bug bites: Mosquito bites are a common thing around here, so we are lucky enough to have a remedy from tea that reduces these bug bites. Simply soak a cotton ball in tea and place it on the bites, or use a tea bag. This soothes your skin and reduces the sting and the bump.

Domestic benefits of tea
Tenderize meat: Black tea is often used to tenderize meat. Marinate your meat in simple black tea and the result will be a mouth watering and tender piece of meat. This is bound to help housewives everywhere.

Cleaning agent: Tea can also be used as a cleaning agent for wood furniture; simply soak a piece of cloth in black tea and wipe the surfaces with it and dry with a clean cloth afterwards. The same can be done when shining your mirrors. Soak a cloth in cold black tea and wipe your mirrors and buff with a clean soft cloth. Who needs chemicals when you can use natural cleaning agents like tea.

Outdoor benefits of tea
Natural fertilizer: The most common outdoor benefit of tea is feeding your plants. You can sprinkle used tea leaves onto the soil of your flower beds, and when you water the plants the nutrients from the tea will be absorbed into the soil which then feeds your plant. This is a natural form of fertilizer.

Compost: Tea is also used to enhance your compost pile. Pour a few cups of strong black tea into the pile and the liquid will speed up the decomposition process and produce acid-rich compost.

Ceylon tea is well known for its wonderful taste, flavors and health benefits. It is also used for a variety of beauty, domestic and outdoor purposes.