Green Tea for Your Hair and Skin

As we know now green tea has plenty of health benefits. Preventing cancer, reducing cholesterol, all in all keeping you fit and healthy. This brilliant beverage is oozing with benefits that even a cup can do wonders to your health. Along with its multiple health benefits, green tea also helps you when it comes to your skin and your hair. Green tea has multiple uses, its one of the best natural ingredients to use on your skin and hair.

You can drink it, or use it in various ways to get the maximum benefits out of it.

Green Tea And Your Skin

Reduces Skin Inflammation

When skin comes in contact with irritants your skin reacts by becoming inflamed, such as red patches and bumps and eventually turning into rashes. Studies have proven to show that Green Tea can reduce the inflammation on your skin and also reduce the red patches and bumps. Drinking green tea helps you soothe your skin.

Preventing Skin Cancer

It is known green tea helps prevent cancer, and one the many is skin cancer. The rich anti-oxidants present in green tea has claimed to prevent and slow down the growth of skin cancer, skin cancer patients swear by the positive effects of green tea on the reduced growth of skin cancer cells.

Skin Damage Reduction

If you have damaged your skin due to sun burn, then green tea is the way to go. Studies have proven that the anti-oxidant called epigallocatechin gallateprotects the skin from free radicals that are found in the environment, and one of those free radicals is UV rays. If you have sun burns, applying green tea on those areas can repair the damages and soothe your skin. Its also known that having a cup of green tea before you step outside into the sun can also protect you skin from sun damage.

Soothing Spritzer

Green Tea has such refreshing qualities that it is a great substitute for your regular spritzer. Its great to use it in small quantities, just steep about two to three tea bags in water at room temperature for about an hour and use it. If you make excess you can keep it in a clean bottle and refrigerate. It can be used as a spritzer freshen your face, or soak cotton balls in the liquid and dab it on your face, or use it on tired eyes which can give your eyes soothing effects. Green Tea has lots of antiseptic qualities so it can also be used to treat cuts and burns.

Reduces Signs of Aging

Green Tea is a great way to reduce signs of aging, the anti-oxidants and the anti-inflammatory properties present in green tea can help with the elasticity of your skin, it makes your skin firmer and prevents wrinkles from forming. You can either drink it or apply in forms of face masks, either way Green Tea is one of the best and most natural ways to reduce wrinkles and leave your skin looking young.

Face Mask For Smoother Skin

As we said before drinking green tea is not the only way to gain smoother skin, you can use it as a home made face masks. Just add some crushed green tea leaves to a table spoon of mayonnaise mix it together and apply it on your face, avoid your eyes. Leave it for a couple of minutes and wash it off, and moisturize. The green tea mask will exfoliate your skin and leave it soft and bouncy.

Green Tea For Your Hair

Stimulate Hair Growth

If you want your hair to grow faster then green tea is the way to go. The anti-oxidants present in green tea stimulates hair growth and also help in preventing hair loss. Drinking Green tea can give you luscious, long hair.

Strengthen and conditions Hair

Green tea hair products help you strengthen and condition your hair, they contain vitamin E and green tea has huge amounts vitamin E which helps repair damaged hair and helps you protect your from UV rays. The panthenol that present in green tea can also prevent your hair from having split ends. These benefits can be obtained by using green tea hair products but also by drinking green tea regularly.

Reduces Dandruff

It is proven that using Green Tea on your hair can reduce dandruff. For this you can use a shampoo that has green tea in it, or you can rinse your hair with green tea after using you regular shampoo, this will reduce dandruff in your hair.

Green Tea is one absolute brilliant beverage that is a must have in every household, it suits so many purposes and it conveniently helps your day to day matters. It‘s a super beverage with multipurposes!