White Tea

Many people drink tea for a variety of reasons, some for the caffeine, some for the taste and some for the health benefits, whatever the reasons maybe, it is evident that we all love tea. White tea, like black and green tea, is also famous among tea lovers for its delicate and mildly sweet taste.

White tea comes from the buds and leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, the same plant that gives us green, black and other teas. The leaves and buds are left to wither in natural sunlight before they are lightly processed to avoid oxidization. Ceylon white is also known as Silver Tips, it has a delicate and light liquoring with notes of pine and honey, and a golden coppery infusion. Its white appearance is due to the fact that the chlorophyll is less mature in the buds.

Since it is processed less, white Tea has large amounts of anti-oxidants and is abundant with all the nutrients present in tea. It is the healthiest of teas. The benefits of White Tea is similar to that of Green Tea, but the effectiveness of its’ nutrients are higher than any other tea.

The anti-oxidants protect your body from damage by free radicals, free radicals damage your DNA and causes other problems in your body. The anti-oxidants help neutralize them, White Tea is loaded with anti-oxidants, hence its the best tea to help neutralize the free radicals. It also helps prevent cancer like green tea, the anti-oxidants helps prevent cancer building cells, white tea in some cases has been proved to work as well as prescribed drugs but without the side effects. The catechins present in White Tea is also helpful in reducing cholesterol. Its contents also helps in lowering blood pressure, help build stronger bones, protects your heart, it kills bacteria and viruses present in your body. White Tea contains fluoride and other nutrients that keeps your teeth strong and healthy and destroys bacteria that form plaques and cavities in your teeth. White Tea also has properties that lower your blood sugar and relieve symptoms of diabetes.

There are several types of White teas, the best and the rarest in the Silver Needle white Tea, its comes from hand picked tea buds that are harvested only two days out of the year. It can be re-infused more than once, and its famously used in baths for luxurious skin treatments and also used in powdered form as rejuvenating face masks in beauty treatments. It is the best White Tea when it comes to mixing with flavored or scented teas, as it does no damage to the overall taste and lets you enjoy the health benefits.

The other varieties of White teas include White Peony, which is the highest quality after Silver Needle, it consists of leaves and buds covered in silvery white hair and when brewed has a stronger taste and color that Silver Needle.

Long Life Eyebrow is a lower ranking white tea which is made from the left over leaves after making the Silver Needle and White Peony. And the lesser quality white tea is Tribute Eyebrow, it is made from a special tea bush and it’s method of processing differs to other white teas.

There are a numerous varieties of White Teas that are named after the region of origin or named after the special ingredients added to the leaves and buds. White Tea also has a variety of flavors added to it for example fruits, this brings out a sweetness in the tea. Each and every variety has something new and different to offer, either in taste or its level of nutrients.

White Tea is abundant with qualities and nutrients that are important to your body, it is an advantage that it has flavors and aromas that leaves you smitten immediately after you drink it. Adding it to your diet plans would serve as brilliant idea.